money matters

 Learn what Paco-Vicuña can do for you.

Products & Markets

Many unique products are made with Paco-Vicuna.

Selling & Processing

Process its fiber and let Paco-Vicuna work for you.

Money Matters

The North American Paco-VicuñaTM breed was created to supply luxury fiber to high-end fashion and textile markets. This presents a feasible value proposition to any farm that is committed to preserving and improving the breed’s genetics.


With PV fiber, you might sell raw fiber as individual fleeces to hand spinners and/or fiber artists, develop relationships with – and sell in bulk to – designers or producers, or create value-added products for sale on your own or through an intermediary.

Selling & Processing

Additional processing steps refine PV fiber and typically yield higher prices.  Hand processing is a great opportunity for owners of small herds or those with one-of-a-kind individual fleeces. Mini mills offer felting, knitting, or weaving and can process yarn on cones or skeined.

Products & Markets

Processed fiber that is derived from North American Paco-Vicuña™ fleece is typically produced in the following forms: cloud, batt, roving, yarn, dyed, knitted/woven, and needle felt.


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