Got Help?

Our association offers a truly one-of-a-kind initiative called the Paco-MentorTM program through which member farms stand ready to help new farmers determine their ultimate goal when considering purchasing, breeding, and caring for animals as unique and valuable as the North American Paco-VicuñaTM.

Shelter & Care

Though they are rugged animals, a strong shelter is needed to allow PVs to seek cover from wind, rain, snow, and the hot summer sun. Fresh water, a quality orchard grass hay, as well as clean and dry hay storage are basic, yet important requirements for a healthy PV herd.

Nutrition & Health

When breeding Paco-Vicuñas, a basic understanding of Camelid disease, parasitology, and neo-natal health is vital for PV owners to help shape and improve the fiber characteristics of their animals and of the entire North American Paco-Vicuña™ herd.

Shearing PVs

Getting luxury fiber off PVs and ready for processing is a sizable task.

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