Paco-Vicuna History

In the history of fiber, Vicuña is recognized among the finest fleeces in the world… so incredibly fine and soft that only Incan Royalty could wear it. North American Paco-Vicunas® are selectively bred for the best fiber traits of their wild Vicuña ancestors.

The Fiber is 
True Luxury

Comprehensive data collection helps our member farms accomplish luxury fiber breeding goals of 13 to 17-micron fleeces, and a yearly 3+ inch staple, regardless of animal age. Some of the measurements we analyze are fineness, staple length, fleece weight, and curvature.

Breeding PVs

The ultimate breeding outcome is a healthy cria. Fiber is next, in particular lifetime fineness. Remember bloodline characteristics, fiber trait strengths and weaknesses, coat color, and lessons learned from offspring and lineage. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of herd sires and their bloodlines is vital to informed breeding and luxurious fiber.

Product Standards

To create luxuriously soft products, items made from North American Paco-Vicuna® must exhibit uniform grade, fineness, micron count, and staple length. Labels for yarn, roving, bats, and other items must state fiber content, country of origin, and manufacturer or business that markets/handles the fiber. 

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