Goals and Objectives

When selecting PVs for your herd, the most important outcome of any breeding is a sound, healthy cria. After that requirement, the goals for North American Paco-Vicuña™ are focused on fiber… first and foremost.

Trait Longevity

North American Paco-VicuñaTM that maintains fineness its entire life also maintains fleece value which is better for the farmer as well as the animal. Maintaining fineness should take precedence over all other fiber characteristics.

Breeding PVs

Important items to consider when breeding PVs include the presence of significant bloodline characteristics, strengths and weaknesses of an animal’s fiber traits, coat color considerations, and lessons learned from an animal’s previous offspring and/or extended lineage.

Emphasize Luxury

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of herd sires and their extended bloodlines is vital to making informed breeding decisions and creating a luxurious fiber product. It’s all about fiber testing data… for every year and every offspring. 

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